What to Expect from The Shaffer Executive Coaching Process

You’ll find I am flexible about your needs and schedule. Coaching and empowering you to reach your full potential is my passion. I have a  transformational and powerful coaching philosophy. Throughout the Shaffer Executive Coaching Process, I create a trusted space to have meaningful conversations so you can flourish in your career and live an inspired life. I deliver excellent customer service and follow-through based on the goals of you and your organization.

The Shaffer Executive Coaching process includes:

Phase I:

Discovery: This phase lasts for one to two sessions and consists of  collecting data to understand the situation fully and get a robust picture of a leader’s strengths, developmental areas, needs and goals. The data is custom to your situation and can be a client questionnaire, interviews with your boss, stakeholders, performance metrics, annual reviews, assessments, surveys and any other relevant information that surfaces in the coaching conversations.

Design: Based on the data from the discovery process, we will integrate the assessment data with the client and organizational goals, and key performance metrics to measure success. We will co-design the Master Leadership Learning Plan which becomes your road map for the coaching engagement and success.

Phase 2:

Deploy Master Leadership Learning Plan: This phase usually lasts 1-3 months. Your coach will help you to gain insights, deeper self-awareness, self-observation, and continuous improvement in the areas identified in Phase 1.  

You will create tremendous momentum to help you change behaviors, enhance skills, leverage strengths and further build leadership capability. We will work together to track and measure results.      

Phase 3:

Results: This phase usually lasts 6-9 months. We will work together to integrate empowering behaviors, skills, emotions so you can emerge as a long -term excellent performer who can self-observe, self-correct, and continuously improve in order to achieve remarkable results. You will accelerate your success, unleash your potential and build an even more fulfilling future.

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