Shaffer Executive Coaching Gives You the Competitive Edge

Research is Clear that Organizations Perform Better Financially with Women in Senior Leadership Positions

Shaffer Executive Coaching is dedicated to the belief that women leaders deserve the highest quality of coaching to advance their careers and that it is critical to have balanced leadership, both women and men in high level leadership positions, so organizations can maintain their competitive edge, improve financial results and continue to innovate in today’s complex marketplace.

Focus of Shaffer Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching focus on these areas of leadership that women leaders rarely get the opportunity to explore and develop for their success.

  • Developing mission critical competencies and skills
  • Communicating with power and influence
  • Organizational politics and successfully navigating upper levels of the organization dominated by men
  • Leveraging strengths and talents
  • Developing teams and direct reports
  • Building and fostering a supportive network
  • Developing and applying Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic career management and mapping
  • Integrating professional and personal goals based on individual values and the whole person

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