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Distinguished Executive

executiveleader[1] (2)You have worked for years, scaled the peaks and are one of the few who have reached the summit. You are an influential executive who expects the best and gives your best. You have made a positive difference for yourself, your team and your organization. Your performance is stellar.

This 1-on-1 coaching will empower you to keep your competitive edge, to grow personally and professionally, and live a more integrated and fulfilling life.

Together, we will focus on what matters to you most, identify top priorities and put the next steps in place to take you to exactly where you want to go in the next chapter of your career.

Walk this leadership path with someone who is a woman executive.

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New Executive Onboarding


You are an executive who has just been promoted or are new to the organization. You are enthusiastic but a little apprehensive since you are not sure of the challenges ahead.

Research shows executive failure is high when transitioning to a new executive role. Women face nuanced gender differences, complex organizational politics and must learn how to successfully navigate upper levels of the organization dominated by mostly men.

You have 100 Days to hit the ground running fast, prove yourself and drive results. It is critical that you have the right executive coach that is competent and a good fit for you, especially in the first year.

This 1-on- 1 coaching and executive onboarding program will help you successfully transition into your new executive role and accelerate your success with confidence. Click here to get more information.

Advancing High Potential Talent Pool

youngexec[1] (2)You have been identified as a High Potential Talent and you’re tied to the organization’s leadership pipeline.You aspire to move to the next level and need to develop new leadership capabilities, organizational savvy, visibility and a clear career path to get there.

Data shows you run the risk of staying stuck in the pipeline.

This 1-on- 1 coaching program will help you reach the next rung on the career ladder and accelerate your success. Enrollees should be High Potential Talent with a minimum of 5 years of experience as a middle manager leading teams. Click here to get more information.

New Sales Manager Onboarding

New ManagerYou have been rewarded with a promotion because you were an outstanding individual contributor based on your technical expertise. However, new sales managers are rarely trained to manage, lead and coach for this role which requires a new set of skills which is both an art and a science.

Transitioning into the role of a new sales manager and getting things done through others, requires a new set of skills which can be stressful and challenging.

My 1-on-1 coaching and onboarding program will help you cut through the chaos, manage the executive above and your sales team below, hit your sales target and contribute to the organization quickly.

I will help and inspire you to develop your confidence as you build your skill set – increasing your productivity so you can deliver results! Click here to get more information

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