Performance Solutions

Emotional Intelligence Gives You the Leader’s Edge

Research shows:
Emotional Intelligence is more important than IQ in making a significant positive impact in organizations.

Emotional Intelligence is more important to inspiring teams and driving performance the higher one moves up in an organization.

“Express” Confidential Consultation

Today’s Best Leaders Are Turning to Executive Coaches as Their Trusted Advisors and Strategic Partners
You need confidentiality, tailored solutions and a trusted advisor who gets it. I have been a successful executive and manager and understand many of the challenges you encounter. I have been in the trenches, led the troops, removed the roadblocks and effectively worked around the landmines.

Create a Strategic Master Plan to Propel Your Corporate Career

World class assessment tools and strategies will show you exactly where to focus your attention and energy.
There are few things more frustrating and unpleasant than feeling stuck in the talent pipeline in your organization and feeling unclear about what you really want, how others perceive you, what you’re good at and how to take your life and professional ambitions to the next level.

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