New Executive Onboarding

You are an executive who has just been promoted or are new to the organization. You are enthusiastic, but a little apprehensive since you are not sure of the challenges ahead.

Research shows executive failure is high when transitioning to a new executive role. Women face nuanced gender differences, complex organizational politics and must learn how to successfully navigate upper levels of the organization dominated by men.

Your First 100 days are critical to your success. New Executive Onboarding must provide coaching and strategies that accelerate the indivdual’s learning curve to make an immediate impact, accelerate results and help you transition into your new role as seamlessly as possible from the start.

Executive onboarding increases success, engagement, retention and long term success for the individual and the organization. It is imperative that the female executive find an executive coach who is the right fit, competent, skilled and understands the unique challenges of new female executives especially in the first year.

You need a coach with real world experience. A woman who has been where you are now. I will help you elevate your confidence as you build your skill set – and give you a comprehensive plan that is easy to follow and will be your Road Map for Success!

In the New Executive Onboarding Coaching Program, you can:

  • Immediately identify the mission critical competencies and skills to leading as a new executive
  • Take assertive steps to dialogue with Executive Team to ensure clarity and alignment on strategic priorities and performance goals
  • Analyze new team’s strengths, capabailities, marketplace and close gap to optimize success
  • Identify and deliver early wins to establish credibility
  • Apply organizational savvy to speed success
  • Learn the unwritten rules of the game in higher levels dominated by men and avoid landmines
  • Understand the organizational and team culture and adapt leadership and communication style to be a more effective leader, especially in challenging cultures
  • Build and foster collaborative relationships with direct reports and key stakeholders
  • Communicate with power and influence

This isn’t just another ONBOARDING program.

I have WALKED IN YOUR SHOES. We will work together one-on-one so you can hit the ground running fast, master your leadership role and accelerate your success! 


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