Emerging Women Leaders-Advancing High Potential Talent

You have been identified as a High Potential Talent and you’re tied to the organization’s leadership pipeline. You aspire to move to the next level and need to develop new leadership capabilities, organizational savvy, visibility and a clear career path to get there.

Data shows you run the risk of staying stuck in the pipeline.

This 1-on- 1 coaching program will help you reach the next rung on the career ladder and accelerate your success. Enrollees should be High Potential Talent with a minimum of 5 years of experience as a middle manager leading teams.

We take into consideration your goals and the goals of the organization, determine the competencies, key performance indicators and desired outcomes, and then build a customized strategic development plan to achieve individual and organizational goals with excellence. 

You need a coach who is experienced, inspires you, holds you accountable and is committed to your success. With 13 years of sales, management and leadership success, I know how to develop top talent, so you can achieve your goals.

To be highly effective, massively productive and PROPERLY RECOGNIZED, you need to understand the nuances of this high-stakes game.

You need an executive coach, trusted advisor and partner who has real world expereince. A woman who has been where you are now. I will help you identify where you are, your next steps and co-design a strategic plan to take you exactly to where you want to go.

In the Advancing High Potential Talent Coaching Program, you can:

  • Develop the mission critical competencies and skills to advance to senior leadership positions
  • Become  crystal clear on your goals and career path sooner rather than later
  • Leverage your strengths to bring unique value to the organization
  • Understand the unwritten rules of the game and get the best strategies to avoid political landmines
  • Embrace your power and confidently ask for what you want
  • Develop and foster a supportive network
  • Communicate with power and influence
  • Improve your Emotional Intelligence

You will get direct access to me. Together, we will co-design a Success Road Map to guide you to your biggest accomplishments yet.

I will show you how to accelerate your success with a laser-focus on taking you to the next level so you don’t get stuck in the talent pipeline–all while integrating your career and personal goals.

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