Great leaders make a positive difference in their corner of the world by inspiring others AND giving back!

 When the things that are most important to us grow as the result of what we do beyond our organization – we wake up happier about the day in front of us.

There is no better energy to work with or to share with others as we walk the path of leadership, sharing our hearts, giving a hand, helping others step into their higher purpose and making a positive difference in the world.

“Giving back” is a cornerstone of Shaffer Executive Coaching

Social responsibility and contribution are core values for Shaffer Executive Coaching, LLC. I believe that as a business it is my privilege to contribute to our community and organizations dedicated to educating the disadvantaged, alleviating poverty and supporting compassionate work that promotes a better world.

I have contributed in various ways to the non-profit organizations listed below. And when you work with me I will make a contribution in your name to the nonprofit of your choice. I know this makes a positive difference.

When you invest with Shaffer Executive Coaching in your individual or organization’s success you are helping to develop more women leaders and you are helping to transform countless lives through some of the organizations that inspire us.

 “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

                                                     – Mahatma Gandhi

Cancer has touched my family’s lives and as a former Cancer/Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse, I have been honored to serve so many beautiful people who have battled this dreadful disease. These brave patients taught me resilience, courage and gratitude. We support cancer research and the families that are affected…it is a long road for them. We can be a beacon of shining light to help them on their journey and make it a little easier.
I know Girl Up is empowering and inspiring so many young girls! Their vision is a world where all girls have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders. We need more women leaders, so let’s start while they’re young!
Meet Brizeida The amazing work being done at St. Jude has completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. And what I love most is that families receive loving support and cutting edge medicine and St. Jude pays for it all.
Kiva is a wonderful non-profit organization that does an incredible job of connecting lenders to inspiring, budding entrepreneurs in developing countries to help alleviate poverty. Individuals can lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity for people where there might not otherwise be any.

I am thrilled to share with you a project of mine that’s in its infancy. I have created several trademarks to be placed on products which can be viewed at  I designed these to teach my son to appreciate “each moment” at a tremendously difficult period when we had so many family members seriously ill all at one time. I am currently working to place these products (and more) in shops across the country to raise money for the other organizations I have shared with you here. We really only have the moment that’s in front of us and there is no greater gift to give to others than our love and time!

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