“Express” Confidential Consultation

Today’s Best Leaders Are Turning to Executive Coaches as Their Trusted Advisors and Strategic Partners

You need confidentiality, tailored solutions and a trusted advisor who gets it. I have been a successful executive and manager and understand many of the challenges you encounter. I have been in the trenches, led the troops, removed the roadblocks and effectively worked around the landmines.

This strategy session is perfect for you if you have an immediate employee, business or career need that requires you to get to the root cause and put a new plan of action in place. This is a confidential, laser focused, one-on-one meeting in 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions. You and I will assess, analyze, diagnose and discuss ideas while co-creating a plan to effectively solve your challenge.

Gain the Competitive Edge, Contact Teresa today to find out what Shaffer Executive Coaching  can do for you.

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