Create a Strategic Master Plan to Propel Your Corporate Career

career coachingWorld class assessment tools and strategies will show you exactly where to focus your attention and energy.
There are few things more frustrating and unpleasant than feeling stuck in the talent pipeline in your organization and feeling unclear about what you really want, how others perceive you, what you’re good at and how to take your life and professional ambitions to the next level.

You want to be energized and enthusiastic each morning and eager to take on the day, knowing you are maximizing your talents and strengths, making a positive difference and moving up the career ladder.

I’m here to help you get unstuck in your career, find the right path to get from point A to point B and achieve greater success!

Strategic Career Management and Mapping

We will work together hand-in-hand to assess your skills, your personal and professional goals and create a specific, step-by-step strategic plan of action that will position you for a rewarding promotion or new ideal position.

Some of what we will cover in this program based on your goals includes: 

  • Evaluate your strengths and development areas
  • Identify mission critical competencies for current or next role
  • Determine if you need greater clarity on how your boss, colleagues and direct reports perceive you
  • Understand how to create a powerful and supportive network to help you succeed
  • Identify and remove the obstacles that keep you from what you want
  • Learn the most important keys to fast tracking your success
  • Become more empowered and confident
  • Integrate personal and professional goals with your values

If you are exhausted from being unfulfilled, floundering in indecision and looking for greater meaning and purpose in your work, now is the time    to get you on track!

Gain the Competitive Edge,  Contact Teresa today to find out what Shaffer Executive Coaching can do for you.


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