Women Leaders…Your Time is Now

Are you a professional woman who wants to: 

  • Work with a partner and trusted advisor to find effective solutions to your most pressing challenges?
  • Accelerate your transition to the next level leadership position?
  • Communicate with authority and influence?
  • Boost your confidence, authentic power and leadership presence?
  • Create an inspiring career path that is aligned with what matters most to you?

Do you lead an organization that wants to help your women leaders flourish and make meaningful contributions – all while delivering high-impact results?

Shaffer Executive Coaching is committed to coaching and developing women leaders at every level – emerging women leaders, middle managers, directors and senior executives in the corporate world. I’m Teresa Shaffer and I am dedicated to working with women leaders directly as well as partnering with organizations who want to develop their high-potential female talent.

Why Coach and Develop Women Leaders?

Women have made great advancements in the workplace over the last few decades. Yet their progress has stalled when it comes to breaking into the C-Suite and top-level positions. And while it’s a steep climb to that level for both men and women, the reality is that women face challenges that men don’t.

Unfortunately, these challenges pull many talented and high-potential women leaders back from fulfilling their potential. This not only impacts the women leaders themselves, but it is also a serious liability for organizations in today’s emerging global economy.

How Can Shaffer Executive Coaching Help?

It is critical that today’s leaders and managers develop holistically to produce purposeful actions to address the complexities of today’s business challenges. With Shaffer Executive Coaching’s transformational leadership coaching, you can create more vibrant, conscious and caring organizations that support women leaders through actions that produce powerful results for your business.

And if you’re a woman leader, I can help you ascend to the top by developing leadership skills and a strong leadership presence that not only aligns with your career aspirations and goals, but also with who you are on the inside.

Are you ready to accelerate your success and transform the organizational landscape?

I will guide you into your highest potential.

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